About Us

Arcsine Imaging is a hybrid software-photography studio based in Seattle.

We are an experienced team covering a range of domains from graphics engineering and web development to 3D modeling and product photography. Proudly engineer led, we were founded in early 2020 with the goal of merging the best aspects of photo, video, and 3D into a single integrated format.

We've created a 3D format optimized to showcase physical objects the web.

Before founding Arcsine Imaging, we spent six years in the burgeoning augmented reality space. In that time, we saw first-hand the difficulties of creating effective AR content. The low fidelity graphics, awkward wearables, and dependence on a camera feed all degraded the experience.

To solve this, we had to invert things: Where AR seeks to project 3D content into the real world, we project the real world onto 3D content.

We optimize for speed, intuitiveness, accessibility, and above all, realism. Our photo-driven approach is completely outside of a traditional PBR material workflow. With this, we can tailor animation and UX around attractive angles in the underlying photography and allow you to deliver a curated yet free-flowing experience.

For the first time ever, you can deliver the beauty and creative nuance of photography and the millimeter-perfect accuracy of a model without compromising on either.

founding members
Founding Team – Dustin Walde & Gus Glover