About Us

Arcsine Imaging is a hybrid software-photography studio based in Seattle.

We are an experienced team covering a range of domains from graphics engineering and web development to 3D modeling and product photography. Proudly engineer led, we were founded in 2020 with the goal of providing you with the highest standard of photorealism possible on the web today.

We bridge the gap between in-store and digital product experiences.

Increasingly tech-savvy shoppers demand confidence in their purchases and engaging, informative online stores. We've pioneered a unique photogrammetry workflow that unlocks a new middle-ground between traditional photosets and rendered models. For the first time ever you can have the beauty of a studio product photo and the millimeter-perfect accuracy of a model without compromising on either.

Let's face it, no one is returning to brick-and-mortar any time soon. The definitive home of your product is now online. Why not showcase it with the web's most realistic 3D experience?

founding members
Founding team – Dustin Walde & Gus Glover